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Samantha was raised in Temecula, California. She started dancing in middle school at Temecula Dance Company where she became a part of the competitive dance team. There she trained in hip-hop, jazz, ballet and tap. After she stopped training at TDC in middle school, she joined the dance team in high school. Soon after, she was asked to audition for the school musical and was placed in the dance core. Her love for musical theater started here.  

During her senior year of high school, Samantha was torn between deciding what she wanted her career to be. She had applied to many nursing schools and was accepted into two. Two months before graduation, on a whim, she auditioned for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and was accepted into the BFA Dance Theater program. She has trained in singing, acting, and various dance styles, such as ballet, jazz, modern, musical theater, and hip-hop.

Samantha was pursued to transfer to the New York campus of AMDA for one semester where her focus was on musical theater. Being in New York and experiencing first-hand the mecca of musical theater, Samantha would love to be a bicoastal dancer in the future.

She just graduated from college and is currently a performer at Disneyland. She plans to stay in Los Angeles for a few years, then travel if or when work allows her. Samantha has always enjoyed traveling and hopes to have it be a part of her career. Living away from her family has helped shape her independence and finds cooking to be a good way to reconnect. Her family has been a big part of her journey and she couldn’t be more thankful for them.



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